V7SB is a legally licensed and authorised online gaming platform located in Vietnam, which brings you the joy of gaming experience with the thrill of real money and provides you with a truly reliable gaming platform. Reaching over a large number of users every month, we have become the most reliable gaming platform in developing and distributing innovative, skill based games since 2011. We offer a huge range of online games like action games, online betting games, online casino games, sports games, online poker games and many more. 


V7SB’s  objective is to bring out a high quality gaming platform and become one of the most diversified playgrounds  in the market of Online Gaming. We are determined to provide you with a better gaming experience and stand unique from others. We believe in responsible gaming and therefore we built the safest platform where honesty , safety and fair play are our most important factors and that’s why we select only 100% verified profiles to avoid any misleads.


Honesty is the most important factor for V7SB reputation. As professional and international Online gaming sites, we are committed to provide our player the safest and honest gaming platform and most equal customer services. Therefore we provide consistent and transparent services to our customers and keep both internal and external communication clear in order to maintain the transparency with our customers.

Diversity of Games

We believe in maintaining the state of diversity in games. That’s why we allow to involve people from d range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, age, religion, elc and keep euality among them . We only focus on our player’s potential ,not on their background where they are from and this is how diversity in the game is one of the most important elements for us.


We offer various promotional offers and rewards like new recharge player promotion, Registration promotions, Winning Offers etc. We allow our users to achieve more rewards and points so that they can play more with interest and keep their faith in us.They can be reflected in one’s account and can be exchanged for game benefits and rewards and we also accept multiple payment methods from various banks and support easy withdrawal.

Customer Service

V7SB offers you a high level of security to ensure the protection of player's data by providing the most robust encryption protocols. If any problem persists, the players will get 24/7 customer support services and players can contact through various communication means such as chatbots, Emails, Messages, Phone calls and our social media platforms. We believe in maintaining the best standard of trust with reliability, flexibility, responsibility and authenticity.

Players' Responsibility

We always take care of our player's responsibility and guide them whenever needed as well as help them through complex situations. . Therefore we provide a safe and reliable platform . We offer fast and well-designed games only and we are determined to help our customers and provide the best possible gaming experience, and as well retaining the individuality of their business by making our gaming solutions highly customizable and accessible.

Account and Security

V7SB - online gaming platforms offers you a high level of security with our special data encryption protocols and provides a safe and reliable gaming platform to protect player's data and account information. We provide two step verification i.e 2SV security that adds an extra layer to the security of our online gaming site . Each time an user uses his password to sign - in , a verification will be sent to the user's registered mobile number.

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